Lyric Writing for Waa-Mu

Waa-Mu is a Northwestern tradition in which a group of students get together and write a new full length book-musical every year. I performed and wrote in Another Way West and Beyond Belief.

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Luck of the Irish

In this comedic song, the O’Reilly family must convince a group of Americans to allow them to join their wagon train on the Oregon Trail. The leader resists due to the family’s heritage, but the O’Reilly’s are quick on their feet and convince him the reason why he doesn’t want them there should be the reason they stay. (If you listen carefully you might even hear me sing a few lines).

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Hidden Talent

In this song, Mike works out his “hidden talent” with his friend Winston. The point of the song is to celebrate Mike’s under-celebrated ability and shine a light on how he feels small compared to his sisters — but persists anyway.

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